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A Miami Photographer Bought New Equipment and Expanded His Business Thanks to a Title Loan

April 08, 2017

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Picture of a Miami Photographer that Expanded his Business Thanks to a Title LoanHave you heard the expression "nothing ventured, nothing gained"? Have you ever felt held back for not venturing into new beginnings? A professional photographer in Miami who owned a small business felt this way. He took his first photograph when he was just a child and since then, photography became his passion. He had always dreamt of becoming a professional photographer. However, his business wasn't gaining enough clients. Fortunately, he decided to take charge and apply for a Miami title loan.

The young man used to make just enough money to keep his business alive. There were many things wrong with the way he was running his studio. He didn't have a marketing strategy, his equipment was outdated—using the same camera, tripod, etc. from college—and some accessories were missing. On top of everything, the location and size of the studio was not favorable. It was so small, cramped, and disorganized, which wasn't appealing to his clients and made him seem unprofessional. As a result, he had only a few clients and his monthly earnings were low.

The young professional wanted to reinvent his career and boost his business. He knew he needed to invest money into his company to make it competitive within the market. The problem was finding the money he needed. He started looking for ways to get a loan from banking institutions so he could buy new equipment, but he found out he wasn't eligible for a loan due to his poor credit history. Even though it was frustrating and disappointing, he continued to search for other options. He thought about selling his car, which was his most valuable possession. He turned to his best friend, an car salesman, for advice. His friend suggested that he borrow against his car's title instead of selling it. According to him, it was faster and simpler than applying for loans at regular financial institutions. The photographer then went online to look for Miami title loans, and found Quick Cash Auto Loans among the top results.

The young professional decided to visit our website and check out some testimonials from former satisfied clients. He also read some of our blog posts and several things caught his attention.

Eligibility for a loan approval

The professional was looking for the requirements to see how simple or difficult our loan process was. To his surprise, our blog posts explained that no credit history is taken into consideration when reviewing loan applications. Another reason he thought he would be a good candidate was because of our policy regarding owning your car and its title, which he did.

Simplicity and quickness

The photographer had made the decision to try to improve his studio and expand his business with a car title loan, hoping to receive the money as soon as possible. He didn't want to waste time and effort on long processes and endless paperwork. This made us the perfect loan agency for his particular needs, as our service strives to provide financial aid to all our clients by making the process as fast and easy as possible. The soon-to-be customer was very pleased by this information.

Keep driving your car

Picture of a Credit Report, Which is not Taken into Consideration for Title Loans at Quick Cash Auto LoansAnother policy that caught his eye had to do with keeping his car while paying the loan. The young professional initially thought of selling his most valuable possession to get the money he needed, so being able to keep his car while paying back the loan was definitely a plus. He could use it to do some sessions in clients' homes to broaden his list of customers.

Pay back over a twelve-month period

The customer also found information regarding the time frame that clients have to pay back the loan. Such policy states that clients have a whole year to pay the loan back from the day they receive their money. The photographer also found a clause saying that we don't charge any prepayment penalties to the amount of the loan; anyone can pay the entire amount of the loan before the twelve months without any extra fee. Another bonus was that the interest rate was divided into monthly installments, which was much more comfortable for clients to pay off.

Get the Money the Same Day

The young businessman was glad to read that we can provide our loans on the same day as your appointment. Our policy states that our clients must take their car to our office for an assessment to determine the value of the vehicle. Right after establishing the value, the client can set the amount of the loan based on the 50% of the total equity in the car with the help of our loan agent. Once you've fulfilled these simple steps, you're ready to get your money.

This information was enough for the young photographer to make up his mind about applying for a title loan at Quick Cash Auto Loans. He filled out our online application and shortly after sending it, one of our loan experts contacted him to verify his personal information and schedule an appointment at our office. The client was required to bring in some easily accessible documents on the day of the appointment, as well as his car for the assessment.

On the scheduled day, the client drove to our loan agency and spoke with our agent. The expert confirmed all the information the customer had read on our website and answered some questions he had regarding the loan process. After agreeing to the terms and conditions and setting the loan amount, the client got the requested money and drove back home.

About a week later, the client contacted us to thank us for our fast help. He said that our loan expert's efficiency allowed him to buy his new photography equipment. He had also hired a digital marketing company, which helped expand his business.

Our loan experts are always ready to help you with a fast and simple loan process. We can help you borrow up to 50% of your car's value, regardless of your credit history. The best part is that you can keep using your car while paying back the loan. If you want to start your application process today, just fill out the form on this page or call (786) 600-3411. You can also find us on Facebook as Quick Cash Auto Loans and follow us on Twitter @QCashAutoLoans and Instagram @QuickCashAutoLoans.

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