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How a German Shepherd in Miami Was Saved by a Car Title Loan

March 28, 2017

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Picture of an Ill German Sheppard That Was Saved By a Car Title Loan in MiamiYou know the member of your family with whom you have that special bond from the moment you meet; the friend who is always there waiting for you to arrive home; your enthusiastic companion that loves you unconditionally. Yes! We're talking about your dog. We return the love they give us by actively caring for them, but there comes a time when factors such as aging or even the specific breed cause their bodies to weaken. Treatments and surgeries can be expensive and not all families are capable of paying for them. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to find the necessary money. That was the case of a couple in Florida, who ended up searching for companies that provide car title loans in Miami to save their dog from a great deal of pain.

This Floridian couple loved dogs and decided to buy a German Shepherd puppy together. The puppy fit well in his new home; there was an immediate bond. The couple was very loving and caring towards their dog, taking him on two walks per day and spending Sundays at the park. After several years, the wife started to notice that the dog would sometimes walk lamely, but she just thought it was normal for his breed. Nonetheless, she started paying more attention to his limping. It seemed to disappear on some days, but it always came back and for longer periods of time. The young woman told her husband and they took their companion to the vet. The veterinarian told them that their dog had been suffering from hip dysplasia.

Large breed dogs are prone to these kinds of injuries where the hip joint becomes worn out sooner than it should. Hip dysplasia is an abnormality that causes looseness between the pelvis and the femur, leading to separation of the joint. One of the main symptoms of this ailment is lameness and pain in the rear legs of the dog. Unfortunately, hip dysplasia is one of the most common health issues in German Shepherds.

The couple didn't know this before taking the dog to the vet. The specialist explained that the condition worsens over time and that the pain will intensify. He recommended surgery as soon as possible, but after hearing the estimated cost, the couple became concerned about how they would be able to come up with that. They knew that asking the bank for a loan was not an option, since they didn't have a good credit history. The wife went online to research about types of loans and found an overwhelming amount of information. Her and her husband discussed pawning her car, which seemed a lot simpler. Besides, her grandfather could be helpful because he had owned a pawnshop for decades and maybe he could give them a good price for the vehicle.

The woman's grandpa listened to the story, but let them know that it wasn't necessary to pawn the car. He mentioned there were many agencies in Miami that loaned money against the title of a car and they could still drive it while they paid the loan back. He assured them that it was just a matter of finding the right one. They looked online for car title loans in Miami and found Quick Cash Auto Loans among the first results. The couple visited our website and our simple procedure and being able to receive a loan the same day immediately caught their eye.

The soon-to-be clients decided to fill out the online application after reading some testimonials from satisfied clients. However, they had some concerns, as it was the first time they would ever apply for this kind of loan. One of our loan agents contacted them soon after they sent the form, which made them feel more confident. The loan specialist verified their personal information and arranged a consultation to assess the car. They were also told they would have to bring a few easily accessible documents on the day of the scheduled appointment. The couple then posed their first question.

"Will we get the loan on the same day?"

The agent explained that our policy consists of providing our clients with the simplest loan procedure possible. She affirmed that we always take our clients' busy schedules into consideration. With that in mind, we do our best to give our customers the money they need on the same day of the appointment. The costumers felt relieved and asked their next question.

"Is it true that you don't take your clients' credit history into consideration?"

Picture of Car KeysThe couple had seen that comment on our website. The loan agent confirmed the information. She told them that it was part of the simplicity we want to grant our customers. Most financial institutions take their clients' credit score into consideration, but we understand that keeping a good credit history is neither easy nor fast. For that reason, any person can benefit from our loans whether they have good, bad, or no credit at all. Their next question had to do with the amount of the loan.

"How much can we get for our car?"

The agent described our policy on that matter. She told them that we offer loans up to 50% of the value of the car—determined during the assessment at our office—with the maximum amount of $25,000. After hearing this information, they were relieved knowing they would get the necessary amount. The customers' last question was about the extent of the loan.

"How much time will we have to pay back the loan?"

It was explained how we give a period of twelve months to pay the loan. The total amount is divided into installments, including the interest rate. The agent also told them that all our clients are allowed to drive their car while they pay the loan back. This information made our clients very happy, since they knew they would have enough time to pay the money back.

The young woman apologized for having asked so many questions. The agents ease her embarrassment by telling her that it was normal the first time someone asks for a car title loan. Now that the customers had all the necessary information, they both decided on a date for the appointment.

The day of the meeting, the couple drove to our office. The professionals assessed the vehicle, while the customers discussed the terms and conditions of the loan with the agent. After a few minutes, the agent and the customers set the amount of the loan and the customers were then ready to leave with the needed money and their car.

Some days after, the clients contacted us. They thanked our staff for the loan and the friendly service. They said that our efficiency and quickness saved their beloved pet and that he was recovering from the surgery.

This is just one example of our many successful loan outcomes. Our loan experts are always ready to help people like you with a fast and simple loan experience. We can help you borrow up to 50% of your car's value, regardless of your credit record. The best part is that you can keep using your car while paying back the loan. If you want to start your application process today, just fill out the form on this page or call (786) 600-3411. You can also find us on Facebook as Quick Cash Auto Loans and follow us on Twitter @QCashAutoLoans and Instagram @QuickCashAutoLoans.

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