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How Much Can You Get for a Title Loan in Florida?

November 23, 2022

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Car Title LoansWhile Florida offers many loan options for those needing money, car title loans have enough advantages to outshine most traditional loan companies. People from different backgrounds have turned to car title loans during times when money's running short, and this is best shown through the growing popularity that car title loans have gained throughout the last few years. Even if you haven't applied for a title loan yourself, you've probably heard enough to know that this option is as reliable as traditional loan services like banks and credit unions, all while providing a quicker process and better results.

For many, such a statement immediately leads to a simple question: how much can I get in a car title loan? First, go over all the basic details you should know before applying for a title loan.

Why Choose a Car Title Loan?

Like other loan options, a car title loan offers an amount of money under certain conditions. These conditions are discussed before signing the loan agreement, and they highlight the client's commitment to pay for the money that was borrowed within a specific time frame.

This general explanation introduces nearly all types of loan services, so what makes a title loan stand out?

For one, car title loans are well regarded for eliminating much paperwork and evaluations that slow down traditional loan transactions. When working with a licensed company, clients can usually hash out the terms of a title loan in a single session and walk out with the cash they need.

Another point in favor of car title loans is their accessibility. Other options place constant obstacles before granting borrowers the loan amount, with banks and credit unions downright rejecting loan applications from people with bad credit. This does little to build trust among clients already stressing over unforeseen financial emergencies. Car title loans come as a handy alternative that saves time and stress.

Vehicle Inspection

Preparing to Apply for a Car Title Loan?

A title loan specialist calculates the loan amount after evaluating your vehicle during an inspection at the loan office. Since this is the only variable, most clients are eligible for a loan regardless of their credit history.

After a client is approved for a car title loan, the loan specialist will list all the documents the client will have to bring to the loan office. There's a series of requirements that loan specialists look into during their appointment with clients:
  1. The car's condition. You need a running vehicle in optimal condition to get a beneficial deal.

  2. The lender's ability to pay the loan money on time, usually verified through bank statements, tax returns, or similar records that serve as proof of income.

  3. A clear title that corresponds to the vehicle brought up for inspection.

  4. Additional documents to verify the lender's identity, like a driver's license and social security card.

How Much Can I Get for a Title Loan?

We addressed this point briefly in the previous section, but it's important to elaborate on it when explaining the amount people car receive for a car title loan. Title loans are built based on the equity in the borrower's vehicle. In other words,the difference between the value of your vehicle and the amount of the balance left on loan. The loan amount is tied to the vehicle's condition and title's value at the time of the inspection.

Title loan companies in Florida are no different from other parts of the country when defining the loan amount. Based on an initial inspection, they often offer 25% to 50% of the vehicle's overall value. All makes and models are eligible for a car title loan, but details like the vehicle's age and mileage will also factor in the final number.

Because of this, the final amount varies wildly from one client to the next. Some people can get less than $500, while many others obtain an average of $5,000. Many companies grant a maximum amount of $10,000.

You should also ask about the company's interest rates beforehand. Car title loans are known for their competitive monthly rates, but you should still make an informed decision to avoid a strain on your budget.

Get the Best Title Loan in Florida

Interest RatesChoosing the right loan company is important if you live in Florida and want to secure the best odds to solve your financial troubles. With Quick Cash Auto Loans, you can get as much as $25,000 for a car title loan, along with the best loan terms in the industry.

Quick Cash Auto Loans provides timely assistance from licensed loan specialists. We also count on the latest technology to simplify the process, from allowing you to apply for a title loan online to ensuring a safe transaction if you want to make payments via our website.

After contacting Quick Cash Auto Loans, our specialists respond immediately so you can schedule an appointment in our Miami office. Then, you can go through the rest of the process in a single session. Our specialists will inspect your vehicle, review your documentation, and discuss all your options to guarantee a stress-free schedule following the appointment.

Tailor your loan terms to suit your schedule and pay monthly interest rates as low as 1.50%. Quick Cash Auto Loans offers all the options for a smooth process, from the application to your monthly payments. You can continue driving your car and resume your normal routine without issues.

It doesn't matter if you're going through a financial crisis or plan to make an expensive purchase. You can get all the money you need and the most professional service with Quick Cash Auto Loans. Our specialists will be happy to help you with anything you need, whether you have questions about the loan process or a preferred plan for your monthly payments. You can call (786) 600-3411 or fill out the contact form to start the loan process without leaving your home. Contact Quick Cash Auto Loans and our team will not let you down.

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