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Our Title Loans Allowed This Woman in Miami to Contribute to a Noble Cause

October 13, 2017

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Picture of satisfied woman whom contributed to this noble cause thanks to our Miami Title LoansWe've all been through hard times and finding a way out can sometimes seem impossible. However, it is important to always look at the bright side of a bad situation. Breast cancer has become a common disease in today's society. As time goes by, we are becoming more familiar with the cruel reality of watching relatives and friends suffer from the devastating illness. This woman was no exception, so she decided to find a way to help. She was the head of an organization that raises money for breast cancer treatment. She plans events every year to raise money. Sadly, the economy played against her this year, and she didn't have enough money to fund an event. Fortunately, she came across our Miami Title Loans just in time for the event.

Sympathy can go a long way during tough times. This woman understands how important it is to put ourselves in someone else's shoes when they are going through a difficult situation. She knew how rewarding and meaningful it would be to receive a grateful smile from someone in pain. The woman had been in this difficult situation before when she lost a close relative to this devastating disease. That's why she had committed herself to helping others who are going through similar situations by starting a small fundraising organization. This Miami resident organized fundraising events, especially in October because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The woman had thought about organizing a marathon this year, but her budget was tight. She was getting frustrated until a good friend told her about Quick Cash Auto Loans, a company that offers title loans in Miami.

The idea was new to her, but she was willing to try anything at that point. She needed to make an extra effort to reach the goal she had set for the year. The woman asked her friend for more information about our company and the loan approval process. She wanted to familiarize herself with how it all worked before making her final decision. Her friend told her that he had requested a loan from us before, and his experience had been positive. The man went online and showed her our website. He then started explaining what a title loan is.

Picture of a woman whom kept driving her car while she payed her Miami Title LoanTitle loans
He told her that these kinds of loans are based on a car title. Customers only need to have a car for personal use and its clear title to apply for a car title loan. He also said the amount of the loan is based on the value of the car and is determined after an assessment of the car's conditions, make, model, and year. Her friend made it clear that some loan companies keep their customers' cars, but Quick Cash Auto Loans allows its clients to continue using their vehicles while they pay back the loan. The man then continued explaining how it all works.

Loan process
The man told her that our loan process is very fast and simple. He said there are only three steps: fill out a form, have your car assessed, and get the money. Her friend said he had received the money the same day he filled out the form. The woman felt relieved. Time was something she couldn't afford to waste.

Loan requirements
The man told the woman to forget about the endless lists of requirements she would normally have to comply with at other financial institutions. He said our company only requires clients to own a car for private use and its clear title. He said we would also need to confirm her address and employment status, which makes the list of documents very short and doable. The man emphasized that we don't take our customers' credit history into consideration when reviewing an application. The friend then told her how much time she would have to pay the car title loan back.

He said all our clients have 12 months to pay back the entire amount of the loan. The amount and interest rate are divided into installments, which makes it easier to come up with the money each month. The man also said clients can pay the entire amount before the 12 months are up without being assessed any extra fees.

The man finished by showing her our testimonial section. The woman read the comments left by satisfied customers and decided to apply for one of our loans. She filled out the form and waited for our agents to get in contact with her. Shortly after submitting her application, she received a call from one of our loan experts. The agent confirmed the client's personal information and then scheduled an appointment at our loan office.

Miami Title Loans in piggy bankOn the day of the appointment, the woman drove her car to our office. As her car was being evaluated, the woman discussed the terms and conditions of the loan with the agent. The loan expert explained to her that we lend up to 50% of the car's value or $25,000. After determining the equity in the client's vehicle, the agent set the amount of the loan, and the client received the money the very same day.

A few days later, the customer got in contact with our agent to thank us for our help. She said she had exceeded her fundraising goal for this year thanks to our quick financial help. At Quick Cash Auto Loans, we feel very happy to help people like this woman reach their goals.

If you live in Miami, Florida and are looking for a way to obtain cash quickly, we can help you. Quick Cash Auto Loans offers you a premier auto title loan service in Miami. We are dedicated to helping customers get the car title loan they deserve without any exhausting or frustrating procedures. Contact us by filling out the form on this page or by calling (786) 600-3411. Find us on Facebook at Quick Cash Auto Loans, and follow us on Twitter @QCashAutoLoans and Instagram @QuickCashAutoLoans. Get ready to get cash from your car title!

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