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Planning a Sweet Sixteen Party in Miami That Went Over Budget? Our Car Title Loans Are Your Solution!

October 18, 2017

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Picture of a mother and her daughter satisfied with their happy ending thanks to our Miami Car Title Loans
Parents want to give their children everything they can. They work hard to fulfill their children's needs. From the moment we're born, we see our parents making great efforts to keep us safe and happy. We know that our parents will sacrifice anything for our well-being, including their money, time, and comfort. In some cases, they will even put their lives at risk for their children. From an early age, our dreams become our parents' dreams. That was the case with this woman from Florida. She had her first child almost 16 years ago, and she wanted to throw a party to honor her daughter's sweet sixteen. The problem was that she was running out of money, and her plans had exceeded her budget. However, she soon learned about a company offering car title loans in Miami.

This Miami resident had dreamed about her daughter's sweet sixteen party ever since her daughter was born. She wanted to plan a memorable event that reflected her daughter's likes and personality traits. As the date approached, she was still putting the finishing touches on her plan. Of course, every detail kept adding to the budget. She ordered everything, and when it was time to pay the bills and put everything in place, the woman found out that she had exceeded her initial budget. She tried to cancel some of the things that she had ordered, but she couldn't. She knew she had to look for a quick financial solution to pay the bills.

Picture of the cash you can receive the same day with our Miami Car Title LoansThat day she went online and started looking for the fastest solution she could find. However, she didn't know where or what to look for. Imagine how frustrating it would be to know that you have bills to pay and you have no money to pay them. Now imagine that your lack of money can ruin your daughter's big celebration. The woman was thinking about selling her car when she came across a friend's post on Facebook. The post was about a company in Miami that offers fast car title loans. The woman decided to visit our website and do a little research.

The woman was definitely looking for a speedy loan process. She needed to pay for the orders and had no time to waste. That is why our quickness caught her eye from the beginning. At Quick Cash Auto Loans, our clients can get the money they request in just one day.

We all know how planning a party or any other big event can be very time-consuming and stressful. Just imagine having the complicated task of asking a bank for a loan. She needed a simple process. For that reason, Quick Cash Auto Loans was the perfect match for her needs. Our loan process has three simple steps: call our loan experts at (786) 600-3411, get in contact with one of our agents to confirm your personal information, submit some easily accessible documents, and get your car evaluated at our office. That's it! You can receive the money that same day.

Another characteristic that makes our company different from our competitors is how you can pay back the loan. The woman read that our customers have 12 months to pay back the entire amount. It is also important to mention that the loan amount and the interest rates are divided into installments. The client thought this was very convenient and reduced the typical stress of having debt.

Keep your car
The client was very happy to learn that our clients can continue using their car. Since our loans are based on the value of their car, we just place a lien on the title of the car that is later removed when the loan is paid off.

Bad credit, no credit, no problem!
At Quick Cash Auto Loans, we don't take our customers' credit history into consideration when reviewing their loan applications. The woman wasn't sure if her credit score was good enough to apply for a loan at a bank. For this reason, she found our policy on our clients' credit history very convenient.

Picture of a sweet sixteen cake bought thanks to a Miami Car Title LoanMaking a wise decision
The mother finally decided to call us. Right after she contacted one of our loan experts and submitted some basic information about her and her vehicle, our loan expert scheduled an appointment at our office to evaluate the car and set the amount of the loan. The agent also requested a few documents to verify the client's address and employment status.

The evaluation
On the day of the appointment, the woman drove her car to our office. While our experts were evaluating the vehicle, our client was discussing the terms and conditions of the loan. The woman asked how much money she could receive. The agent told her that it depended on the equity in the car. We base our loans on 50% of the car's value, and we can lend up to $25,000. After setting the amount, the woman drove home with the money in her hands.

A few days after, the woman contacted our staff and thanked us for our efficient and kind service. She said that her daughter's party had been a success. The birthday girl enjoyed every moment of her celebration.

If you live in Miami and need extra money fast, Quick Cash Auto Loans is the right choice for you! Our loan specialists are ready to help you achieve your goals and fulfill your needs. Whether you need to pay some pending bills or take a vacation, our staff is ready to offer you our quick financial solutions. Get your loan today and pay it within 12 months with no penalties. Contact us by calling (786) 600-3411 or by filling out the form on this page. Find us on Facebook at Quick Cash Auto Loans, and follow us on Twitter @QCashAutoLoans and Instagram @QuickCashAutoLoans

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