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The ONLY Option When You Need a Loan Fast, A Car Title Loan

April 04, 2012

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If you need money fast you may be considering car title loans as an option. Car title loans allow you to borrow more than other fast loan options, such as pay-day loans. Often they do not even require a credit check as part of the application process for car title loans. But why not just get a traditional bank loan?

How do Car Title Loans Work?
Car title loans use the value of your car to determine the amount you can buy. You cannot get loans if you do not own the car and do not have the documentation to prove it. If you have all that then the loans agent will assess the value of your car using the NADA listings of the Kelley blue book. They will look not just at the age of the car and condition, but also if it is a popular used car when deciding how much to offer in their car title loans. Once they set the amount, then you agree to the terms and conditions and they give you a cheque. A car title loans company will usually require that they physically hold the title during the duration of the loan.

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How Does the Process Differ From a Traditional Bank Loan?
The biggest difference between car title loans and traditional bank loans is that car title loans are not only processed incredibly fast, but the application process is easier and more people are approved. Most car title loans are processed in about 15 to 30 minutes from when you submit all the required documentation. With a traditional bank loan, you may wait week for a decision on the loan and they are notorious for never really spelling out everything you need to submit as documentation for a loan on the first visit.

Also, car title loans determine the amount of loan to be offered based on the value of your car, not your credit rating or income status. A traditional bank loan will look into all of that, which is another reason why more people are approved for car title loans than traditional bank loans. If you are in need of money fast, for whatever reason, applying for a traditional bank loan could take too long to be of help. Car title loans are easy to apply for and the decision on your application is made quickly. You can literally walk out the door with your money 15 minutes after walking in to apply.

How to find a Car Title Loans
The easiest way to find a car title loans is to go online and do a search for companies that either only offer car title loans or, who offer them as part of their other services. Some check cashing and pay day loan businesses will also offer car title loans. Pawnshops are another common business that will provide car title loans. Once you find one, fill out the online form with your information and hit "submit" to start the car title loans application process. Then, read the FAQ on the site to find out what documentation you will need to bring in to complete the car title loans process.

Quick Cash Auto Loans is a Miami auto title loan company based in Cutler Bay, FL. We are dedicated to helping our clients get the car title loan they need and deserve fast, with no hassles.
Stop procrastinating, call us to setup a consultation, (786) 600-3411, or visit our website today!

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