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This Young Filmmaker in Miami Reached His Goal Thanks to Our Car Title Loans

August 17, 2017

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Picture of a Camera Used for a Short Film Thanks to a Car Title LoanSetting new goals is the key to success for most people. Experiencing a sense of achievement is what pushes us to keep trying until our dreams come true. Sometimes, the obstacles we face may seem impossible to overcome, but we persevere. That was the case of this young man who had always dreamt of becoming a great filmmaker. He found a great opportunity to develop his skills by studying in a renowned university. The institution was offering a few scholarships to talented students who were willing to participate in a contest: create and produce a short film. The problem was that the man didn't have the money to participate in it. Fortunately, he could benefit from an alternative solution—our Miami car title loans.

The beginning of a dream…
The young man had just received his Associate in Visual Arts and wanted to further his studies to earn a bachelor's degree. The man had to put his dream on hold since he didn't have the money to pay tuition. He had always shown a great potential in the visual arts field—he was creative, organized, and most importantly, willing to learn, so getting good grades was natural and easy for him. These qualities made him a good candidate for a scholarship at any university. However, the institution he had chosen was very popular and they had to design a method to select the students that would receive the scholarship.

Looking for a solution…
The only way to participate for a scholarship in the art school was through the contest of creating a short film. Our candidate immediately came up with an idea he knew would be great for the contest. The inconvenience was not having the money to create it. The man was determined to pursue his dream, so he started looking for ways to get money fast. It wasn't easy to obtain a scholarship at this university, but he was willing to sacrifice anything to participate in the contest. From requesting a loan at a bank to working overtime, the man discarded thought after thought, as they would take too long. The date of submitting the short film was approaching and his stress was surmounting… so he decided to pawn his car.

Picture of The Benefits of Our Miami Car Title Loans
Finding the right one…
Fortunately, his girlfriend told him about Quick Cash Auto Loans. Her father heard about the man's predicament and recommended us since he had requested loans at our office before and everything had gone smoothly. Our client decided to look for our website and browsed our testimonial and FAQ sections. After, he filled out our online application with some basic information about himself and his car. Shortly after submitting the form, one of our loan agents contacted him to schedule an appointment at our office. The client wanted to confirm the information he had read on our website and began asking questions about the loan procedure and policies.

Picture of the Easy Requirements Needed for a Miami Car Title LoanGetting answers…
The first thing he needed to know was our policy regarding the credit score of our clients. Our agent affirmed that we don't take our clients' credit history into consideration when reviewing their applications. This policy raises the chances of being approved for a loan. As our specialist was explaining the requirements, the man was making a check list in his mind. Owning a car with a clear title, check! A service invoice to verify the address of the client, check! Employment status, check! Besides, he also had his driver's license and social security card. The client waited for a second or two, expecting the list to continue, until he finally asked the agent if that was it. The agent said yes, and they set the date of the appointment.

Before hanging up, the client asked if they had any policy about makes and models. He had been researching and many loan companies had different policies regarding the makes and models that were acceptable for a loan request at their offices. Our agent explained that we accept all makes and models at Quick Cash Auto Loans. Our car evaluation process focused more on the year and condition of the vehicle.

Meeting at the office…
On the day of the appointment, our client arrived at our office with his car. Our agent walked him to the office while his car was being evaluated. The expert explained that was the first step to determining the amount of the loan. They discussed the terms and conditions. The man asked our agent about the payment method. The expert explained that we grant our clients a period of twelve months to pay back the money. The loan amount is divided into installments, as well as the interest rate. Our specialist also said that our clients can pay the total amount any time before the twelve months without any prepayment fee.

Picture of The Cash You'll Receive Thanks to a Miami Car Title LoanClosing the deal…
After the evaluation of our client's car, the agent determined the amount of the loan, which was based on 50% of the equity in the car. The expert clarified that we can lend up to $25,000. They closed the deal and the man received the money he needed that same day. He was thrilled!

Great results…
A while after, the man contacted our agent and thanked her for the kind and effective attention. He mentioned he had won the contest and received the scholarship from the art school. This is just one example of our successful outcomes. At Quick Cash Auto Loans, we are happy to ease the financial worries of our clients and help them achieve their goals. Years of experience in the auto title loan industry is proof of our reliability and dedication to help people like you.

If you live in Miami, have a car for personal use, and need extra money, Quick Cash Auto Loans is what you've been looking for! Just fill out the form on this page. Our specialists will immediately contact you to set up an appointment, where your car will be assessed and the amount of the loan will be set—that's it! Get the money you need with us. For more information about our services, fill out the form on this page, or call (786) 600-3411 and start your application process today! Our assessors will gladly help you. Find us on Facebook as Quick Cash Auto Loans, and follow us on Twitter @QCashAutoLoans and Instagram @QuickCashAutoLoans.

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