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What Documents Do I Need for a Title Loan?

July 02, 2018

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Documents Needed for a Title LoanMaybe you've heard the term title loan and wondered what exactly it means, especially if you are one of the thousands of Americans each year who experience unexpected financial emergencies that require you to get a loan. If you are one of the many Americans that have less than perfect credit, a title loan is probably the best option for you. If you want a loan fast without having to answer a lot of personal questions, a title loan is perfect for you. That's what makes car title loans ideal for anyone who meets any of these scenarios. Car title loans are fast, easy to get, and require minimal paperwork and documents to get.

What Documents Do I Need for a Title Loan?

Car title loans are a great option if you need money fast. The loan can be for bills or unexpected expenses of all kinds. Car title loan companies are one of the easiest ways to get a loan in an emergency. You need very few documents, just a little information, and a clear title to a car you own. What exactly will you need for a title loan?
  • Clear car title
  • Paystubs
  • Proof of residence
  • State Issued ID
A clear car title is necessary. You will need to bring that with you when you apply for a title loan. The car title needs to be clear of any lien and you must own the car. The title is what you will leave with the title company when you get your loan. Don't worry about being inconvenienced, however, because you will be still able to drive away in the car and use it while you have the loan.

Requirements for a Title Loan
You will also need proof of employment. Paystubs are acceptable. Along with proof of employment, some title loan companies will need to see proof of a bank account. Proof of residence documents are also required. This could be a copy of a lease or utility bills in the name of the person who is applying for the title loan. And finally, a state Issued identification is required. A driver's license, military ID, or other state identification is acceptable to obtain a car title loan.

Benefits of a Car title Loan

One of the biggest benefits of a car tile loan is that you can usually get one regardless of your credit history. Many car title companies don't run credit checks. If you own your car and have a clear title, it's easy to get a car title loan and it's often a better option than trying to get a loan through a traditional lender. Car title loans are easy to get and require no headaches and no extensive hoop jumping. If you need money for home repairs, medical bill, utility bills, or unexpected expenses of any kind, you can get a title loan with a few documents. Besides only needing a clear car title, a little bit of information, proof of residence, proof of employment, and identification (often just the current employer information), there are other benefits that come with getting a car title loan. They are quick, easy, and you don't need to disclose the reason you are in need of the money. No credit check means you can walk out with your loan quickly.

The Title Loan Process

Car title loans are popular for their convenience and the ease with which most people can get one. The reason for this is because anybody who has a car they own with a clear title is almost always eligible to get a car title loan. The title loan process is extremely simple and doesn't take long at all, which adds to the convenience and makes this type of loan ideal for anybody in a hurry to get a loan. As long as you have the title to your vehicle, you use it as collateral. How much of a loan you can get will depend on the value of your car, and most title loan companies will take any car title as collateral for a loan, basing the loan amount strictly on your vehicle's value. In many cases, it's easy to walk out with a car title loan that is large enough to help you pay off unexpected bills, buy food, pay off medical expenses, or for anything else you want to use the money for. Car title loans are a great way to keep you from going into debt any further if you are experiencing an overwhelming expense of any kind.

Since car title loans are so easy to get, you don't need a lot of documents with you to get one. There aren't a lot of requirements of any kind, which is what makes title loans better for many people than traditional loans. Traditional loans require a lot of paperwork, the process of getting one can be lengthy, and if your credit is bad, you won't be likely to get a traditional loan anyway.

What makes car title loans better than a loan you get from traditional lenders? Traditional lenders will look at your credit history and credit score. They will ask for a lot of information, require you to fill out an extensive loan application, and wait around to get loan approval. With a car title loan, you won't need to worry about your credit history. You won't even have to tell the car title loan company what you need the money for.
Car Title Loans

Where to Get a Car Title Loan in Florida

It couldn't be easier to get a title loan in the state of Florida. The absolute best place to get a car title loan for financial emergencies, or even if you just want a vacation, is Quick Cash Auto Loans (QCAL). Whether you are in a bind and you're looking for quick cash to help you get back on your feet or you simply want to do something special without going into debt, Quick Cash Auto Loans is the answer to your loan needs. We specialize in car title loans, and our goal is to make sure our customers are able to get the loan they need when they need it. Unfortunately, a financial crisis can affect any of us at any time. It can be a stressful situation, so our number one priority at Quick Cash Auto Loans is to ensure our customers have a stress-free loan experience. If you have a car or truck with a clear title, visit us and let us show you how you can get a title loan fast.

Quick Cash Auto Loans is a consumer finance company licensed in Florida under statute 516. Our only mission is to serve your financial needs by helping you get the loan you need. We value your business, we respect your needs and privacy, and we are dedicated to offering the best customer service in the business. The process for getting a loan at Quick Cash Auto Loans is easy. Fill out the form on our website and we'll arrange an appointment in our office that's convenient for you. We will assess your vehicle, tell you the amount of the loan your qualified for, and in most cases, we'll send you home with a loan right away. There's no extensive paperwork. Your credit history doesn't need to be spotless. We base your loan amount on the equity in your vehicle. It's really as simple as that. Our priority is helping you get the loan you need to help you get back on track.

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The best part is that you can drive home in your car. You get to continue using your car to go to work, shop for groceries, run errands, and take your kids to school. You can use your car to continue living your everyday life and doing the things you need to do. All we need is the title.

Car title loans are easy to get through Quick Cash Auto Loans. Get started today by giving us a call at (786) 600-3411 or by filling out the convenient form on our website.

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